Carino Chicken seasoning blend

A natural spice blend perfect for seasoning chicken. It contains the perfect proportions of pepper, paprika, onion, sugar and mustard.

Available in the following pack sizes

Carino Chicken - Packaging
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Available pack sizes
Glass 40
Sachet 50
Prof. Sachet 500
Prof. Plastic 350

Use it in marinades, chicken stew, and of course roasted chicken, sprinkled and rub in the inside and outside of the chicken.

More information about Carino Chicken seasoning blend

Carino Chicken seasoning blend is an amazing spice blend with which we can marinade chicken parts, sprinkle and rub a whole chicken before cooking it in the oven, and also add it to the pot when cooking chicken. It is a safe option with balanced proportions of herbs and tasty spices which pair well with chicken and turkey.

Recipes using Carino Chicken seasoning blend

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