Carino Barbecue seasoning

A natural spice blend perfect for grilled meats, marinades and cooking of meats. It contains the perfect proportions of black pepper, crushed red peppers, sugar, mustard, oregano and garlic.

Available in the following pack sizes

Carino Barbecue - Packaging
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Available pack sizes
Glass 40
Sachet 50
Prof. Sachet 500
Prof. Plastic 380

The Carino barbecue seasoning is the perfect and fastest way to make burgers, meat souvlaki, kebab, skewered meats, and chops tastier. Just sprinkle some Carino barbecue seasoning over them or marinate them for 1-2 hours in the proposed way.

More information about Carino Barbecue seasoning

In a few tablespoons of olive oil and white wine vinegar, add some Carino barbecue seasoning and mix very well. Put the meats in this mixture and marinate them for about 15 minutes or overnight. Then, grill them removing them first from the marinade. 4-5 minutes before they are fully cooked, sprinkle some more Carino barbecue seasoning over the meats.

Recipes using Carino Barbecue seasoning

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