Octopus Stew with Cut Macaroni (Ditalini)

  • 20 minutes preparation plus 1:30-2 hours cooking time

    Preparation Time

  • moderate

    Difficulty Level

  • 4


The octopus stew is one of the most delicious meatless dishes and not only! For convenience, you can use frozen octopus. If you cook it in summer, use fresh tomatoes, but if you cook it in winter, use canned tomatoes. Apart from cut macaroni, you can also use orzo.


Aromatic, For Vegetarians

  • 2 kg octopus
  • 2 bay leaves Sunspices
  • 6 whole allspice Sunspices
  • 50 ml olive oil
  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 2 tbsp tomato paste
  • 1 can of diced or grated tomatoes
  • 100 ml red wine
  • Salt, pepper
  • 1 package of cut macaroni


  1. In a large pot, we put the octopus, the bay leaves, the allspice, and 100 ml water. We don’t need more water because the octopus will release water as it cooks. We bring to a boil. We lower the heat, we cover the pot with a lid and we cook until the octopus is tender, for 30-40’. When the octopus is tender, we remove the pot from the heat and cut its tentacles into pieces. We don’t need its head. We strain the leftover broth and leave it aside.
  2. In another saucepan, we heat the olive oil. We cook the onions until they start caramelizing. We add the tomato paste and we sauté it for 2’. We add the tentacles and sauté them for 3’. We add the wine. When half the wine has evaporated, we add the broth we have previously strained, the canned tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. When it comes to a boil, we lower the heat and cook for 20-25’, until the sauce thickens.
  3. As the octopus cooks, we prepare the cut macaroni according to the package instructions. We strain them and mix them with the octopus and the sauce. We serve in plates with some freshly ground black pepper.

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