Mountain Tea

The Greek mountain tea is good for people with anemia, as it contains iron. The herbal tea produced from that is used to suppress the flu and common cold, while when combined with honey it soothes the sore throat.

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Mountain Tea - Packaging
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Available pack sizes
Glass 30
Tran. Sachet with Paperboard 20
Tran. Sachet with Paperboard bunch 50
Sachet 30
Plastic box 30
Prof. Sachet 200

For a wonderful medicinal tea, add half stick and a little flower to a cup of hot water, leave them for 2 minutes, and it’s ready!

More information about Mountain Tea

Very popular in Greece, Albania, Kosovo and Bulgaria. The mountain tea is usually prepared as a beverage, by boiling the stems, leaves and flowers in a pot of water for a few minutes. If you want, you can add some honey and lemon juice when it is ready.

Recipes using Mountain Tea

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