Black Pepper

The most known of the spices, it comes from the pepper plant. It has an especially spicy taste and its addition is necessary in almost every recipe. It flavors and gives a nice taste to dishes.

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Black Pepper - Packaging
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Available pack sizes
PackagingGround  Whole
Glass  40 gr 30 gr
Sachet  50, 100 gr 50 gr
Plastic Box 50 gr 50 gr
Mil - 40 gr
Prof. Sachet 250, 500 gr 500 gr
Prof. Plastic 400 gr -

The black pepper, either ground or its brewed drink, is widely used in the traditional Indian medicine and as a treatment at home, for relieving throat pain, throat congestion, cough etc.

More information about Black Pepper

Black pepper is (Piper Nigrum) is flowering vine of the Piperaceae genus, cultivated for its fruits, which are usually dried and used spice and seasoning.

The seed, known as peppercorn, when dried, reaches approximately 5mm in diameter and, when fully mature, becomes dark red in color and, like all drupes, contains a single seed. Peppercorns and the ground pepper derived from them, can be simply described as pepper or, more accurately, as black pepper (cooked and dried unripe fruit) or green pepper,  and white pepper (ripe fruit seeds)

Black pepper is native to South India and is widely cultivated there, as well as in other tropical regions. For now, Vietnam is world’s largest producer and exporter of pepper.

Recipes using Black Pepper

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