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The seeds of the anise plant are used as spice, and not only, either ground or whole. The humble anise plant is native to the Middle East and the Mediterranean region, while it probably originated from the fertile plains of the Nile delta in Egypt.

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The anise is used in various grilled foods and desserts, for example in Italian cookies. The anise seeds are often used in the preparation of sausages and are basic ingredient for numerous alcoholic beverages, including absinthe, ouzo, tsipouro, and sambuca. How to use star anise.

The seeds of star anise, whole or ground, are used in savory and sweet dishes. Use this aromatic spice as whole in order to flavor the tea, cocktails, soup broths, and even pasta sauces. It also pairs well with tomato in sauces and soups, but you can also add it to grilled vegetables and onion soup.

More information about anise

The anise seeds have an elongated or curved shape, length of about 3-4mm, light-brown color and thin stripes on their outer surface. The seeds have a delicate, sweet and aromatic flavor, with a unique licorice taste, and a special aroma due to an essential oil, the anethole. These unique, aromatic, spicy seeds are very popular not only for their use in cooking, but also for their medicinal value.

Are you suffering from a severe stomach ache, cold and cough?

Make a warm infusion brewed from anise seeds, take a few sips and you will immediately feel better.


Despite the similar name, anise is not related to the star anise, which is a completely different spice from a different genus of plants. The star anise contains anethole as well, which is the same ingredient that gives the ordinary anise its distinctive taste.

This star-shaped spice originates from China and Vietnam, has a dark-brown color and is obtained from an evergreen tree species. It usually has eight pointed petals, each one of which contains one small, hard seed. The spice has a strong licorice flavor, which is stronger than that of the ordinary anise seeds.

Its seeds are used either ground or whole, and it is better that they are stored in airtight container, in a dark and cool place, for about a year.

Recipes using anise

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