There are more than 400 chili varieties available worldwide. They vary in acidity, size, shape and color. Chili comes from the fresh or dried fruits of two types of pepper, Annum and Frutescens. They add a hot, spicy taste to many foods, soups and sauces, and depending on the cooking method they give a more or less spicy flavor.

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Glass 30 gr 15 gr
Prof. Sachet 500 gr 500 gr
Prof. Plastic 320 gr 120 gr

It pairs well with meats, fish, pasta, vegetables, sauces, pizzas, even in desserts and chocolate. Use it in any dishes you want to add spicy flavor to, but be careful not to touch it with your hands, because even after washing them, it can still irritate your eyes and lips.

More information about chili

Chili is the fruits of plants that belong to the Capsicum and Solanaceae genus. The word Capsicum derives from the Greek word “kapsimo”, which means burn. When eaten, chilies give a sense of burning. In this chili product, we use two kinds of chilies: Capsicum annum (Bell peppers, paprika, early, New Mexican, jalapenos, Cubanelle, Charleston hot cayenne, Fresno Chile, pimento, Bulgarian carrot chili, Peter pepper, ornamental piquin, tepin, Thai hot, and chiltepin) & Capsicum frutenscens (Cayenne and Tabasco peppers). Chili is an essential spice used as a main ingredient in the everyday cooking around the world. Chili powder is made after grinding dried chilies with chili flakes and chili pods.
Chili is believed to have been part of the human diet since at least 7000 BC, when it was used in Mexico. It has been cultivated since 3500 BC by the Mexicans, who were using it as a spice in their cuisine. Christopher Columbus, who discovered America in 1493, brought it to the European cuisines. Chili found its way in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical system. According to Ayurveda, chili has many medicinal properties, for instance it is a stimulant, it promotes good digestion, it increases the endorphins, and it is a natural pain killer to relieve pains.

Recipes using chili

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