The coriander comes from the seeds of the cilantro plant. While the fresh cilantro has a bold and strong taste, the coriander’s taste is mature and delicate. It has an earthy, zesty taste that pairs well with other spices, especially cumin. Its seeds have a citrus, zesty flavor, and when they are crushed they have a nutty, spicy taste.

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Glass 30 gr 25 gr
Mill - 20 gr
Plastic Box - 30 gr
Prof. Sachet 400 gr 500 gr
Prof. Plastic - 255 gr

The coriander is widely used in Latin America and Mexico. Next time that you cook Mexican food, enchiladas, or even a simple Greek bean soup, try adding one teaspoon. You will also find coriander in many recipes of the Indian cuisine, where curry is used as one of the spices in many curry dishes. Sprinkle some coriander on fish and chicken, and add flavor to homemade pickles.

More information about coriander

We think of coriander as a background spice, adding that extra something to many of our favorite dishes.

Its taste is slightly sour. You can buy coriander as whole seeds or ground into powder. Its seeds are small, light and round and make a dark-brown powder. If you buy seeds, try toasting them a bit so that their oil aromas and flavors are brought out.

Recipes using coriander

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