Crushed Red Pepper

Sweet, Hot, or Sweet with Coarse Salt

Mpoukovo is dried and crushed red peppers (sweet or hot) and is not just one chili species, but rather various combinations of ancho, bell, cayenne and other dried peppers.

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Crushed Red Pepper - Packaging
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Available pack sizes
PackagingSweetHotSweet with Coarse Salt
Sachet 50 gr 50 gr -
Mill - - 30 gr
Prof. Sachet 500 gr 500 gr -
Prof. Plastic 315 gr 315 gr -

The crushed red peppers are used in brine, pasta, pizza sauce, soups and sausages and wherever you would like to add this especially spicy note, to stews, rice, goulash, giouvetsi. When it is cooked with the other ingredients, it tends to be more intense than when added to the dish.

More information about crushed red peppers

We believe that the crushed red peppers add another dimension of flavor to a dish without making every mouthful hot and spicy. They seem to elevate the taste of the other ingredients and make a simple recipe complex and interesting. Take spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, and crushed red peppers. This is a classic combination of three basic ingredients, but the final result is more than a sum of its parts – and the red pepper is what makes it sing.

We love crushed red peppers with Eastern and Asian vegetable recipes and for some reason they are just perfect on broccoli.
At first, try adding it in small quantities so that you find out how much you should use (in the case of the hot ones). Be careful when you touch it with your fingers, because, even after hours and even if you have washed your hand, it can burn you if you rub your eyes or touch your lips with the hand which you used to touch the peppers.

Recipes using crushed red peppers

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