The curry powder is a fragrant blend of various spices. The basic ingredients of the blend is coriander, cumin and turmeric with the addition of other spices, such as chili, ginger, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, garlic, mustard, fennel, and others. Having a bitter taste, it is usually used in meats, sauces and stew.

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Curry - Packaging
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Available pack sizes
Glass 30
Sachet 50
Plastic box 40
Prof. Sachet 500
Prof. Plastic 375

If some of the ingredients are not to your liking, try making your own curry blend – something we recommend you do at least once in order to get an idea of each spice separately.

More information about curry

In the Western world, the curry powder blends tend to have a fairly standard taste, despite the wide variety of spice blends used in the Indian cuisine. The Indian cooks often have easier access to a variety of fresh herbs in comparison to their foreign counterparts.

Not all curries are the same. The blend, the proportions, the quality and the age of the spices can all be different, and because we are selective and sensitive with the quality that we offer, we always choose fresh and delicious seasonings so that you can enjoy a high quality recipe.

Recipes using curry

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