The onion, in its dry form, is a convenient product that allows the use of the onion even in cases where otherwise it would be difficult.

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Onion - Packaging
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Available pack sizes
Glass 30
Plastic Box 40
Prof. Sachet 400

Use it in blends, pizzas, pasta and soups, sauces, yogurt dipping sauces, chutneys (food marmalades/sauces), rub it on meats or poultry before grilling them or cooking them in the oven. Nothing stops you from using it wherever you would use the regular onion, giving you an easy and fast solution.

More information about onion

In its dried form, the taste is milder than that of the fresh onion. With that you can make blends with salt and pepper, add it in salads, and rub with it the chicken or meat before grilling them or cooking them in the oven. You can also use it in pizzas, pasta and soups. The onions are used in many, rich in taste, warm dishes. In Ancient Greece, the athletes ate large quantities of onion, because they believed that it lightened the balance of the blood.

Recipes using onion

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