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The paprika is the bright red powder made from sweet and hot dried peppers. Their taste is much milder than that of cayenne pepper, with characteristic sweetness, and it is one of the most favorite ingredients of the European cuisine. Of Hungarian or Spanish origin, hot or sweet, smoked or not, this powder with the bright red-rust color gives a special taste to the dishes where it is added.

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Experiment with the different varieties, using smoked paprika to add rich smoky flavor or hot paprika to surprise the palate and enhance your gustatory imagination. Use it to give spicy depth to the dishes with lamb, chicken and fish or try sprinkling a pinch of paprika over the yolk of a fried egg or a creamy omelet.

More information about paprika

In Austria and Hungary, paprika is the main ingredient in meat stew, like goulash. In Eastern Europe they use it in the venison stew and in the Sauerkraut and other vegetable dishes. In Spain and in Mexico, paprika is used to give flavor to chorizo salami, which is eaten raw, and to chorizo sausages, which are added to dishes so that they can give a spicy flavor of paprika. In Portugal, the chefs use paprika in fish and salty cod.

Recipes using paprika

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