• 4 minutes for preparation time plus 10 minutes cooking time

    Preparation Time

  • easy

    Difficulty Level

  • 4-6


Popcorn is a type of corn the kernel of which, when heated, “pops” due to the pressure built within the kernel. Archaeologists have found evidence that suggest that popcorn was already known since the ancient times, even since 3600 B.C. The consumption of popcorn increased rapidly during the 1890s, when Charles Cretor invented the automatic popcorn maker, while it became very popular during the Great Depression due to its low price and its consumption increased rapidly. Popcorn is thought to be the official snack of the State of Illinois, U.S.A.


Aromatic, Hot, For Vegetarians, For Vegans, Gluten-free

  • 150 gr kernels for popcorn
  • 100 ml sunflower oil or 60 ml coconut oil
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sweet crushed red peppers Sunspices
  • 1 tsp crushed red peppers with salt Sunspices
  • 60 gr melted butter


In a large, deep pot we put the oil and we heat it until hot. When heated, we add the kernels. We immediately cover the pot and we shake the pot occasionally. Be careful! At this point we don’t uncover the pot otherwise all the popcorn will pop out! After a few minutes, we will hear the kernels popping. After 3-4 minutes all the kernels will have popped. The popcorn is ready when all the popping stops. We remove from the heat and place the bowl in a large bowl. We pour the butter over the popcorn and we add salt, crushed red peppers and crushed red peppers with salt. We mix very well so that the butter and the crushed red peppers coat the popcorn and we serve!

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